Office of Epidemiology & Health Promotion
350 Capitol Street • Room 206 • Charleston, WV 25301-3715
Phone: (304) 558-0644 Fax: (304) 558-1553

The Office of Community Health Systems & Health Promotion

The Office of Community Health Systems and Health Promotion is affecting the lives of every West Virginian by monitoring and reducing the prevalence of chronic disease and their contributing risk factors through health promotion, developing appropriate interventions and control strategies, and facilitating coordinated, comprehensive, and integrated community-based health services throughout the state.

The Office supports and encourages reducing chronic disease by developing partnerships, organizing data, developing specific strategic plans, and implementing evidence-based interventions.  Policy, environment, and systems-wide changes are a primary focus.  The Office promotes health services availability and accessibility to all West Virginians through support of community primary health care centers, local health departments, hospitals, and emergency medical systems. 

With an aging population and the prevalence of many unhealthy lifestyle choices in our population, OCHSHP is committed to the challenge of making West Virginia a healthier place to live.


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